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May Madness Beginners Hour

Grovely Riding Centre provides an outstanding service. All the members of staff ate extremely friendly. I signed up for the May Madness alomg with my two daughters, a course of one hour lessons over four weeks, all of us with different abilities. My two daughters' riding improved dramatically very quickly with Cam's outstanding tuition. The lessons were fun and many laughs were had. I certainly saw many smiles plastered over all of our faces!

To finish off we all had an hours hacking, taking us through the lovely Grovely Woods, definitely a good way to finish the day.

I would highly recommend Grovely to anyone wanting to learn or improve their riding, or to just go out hacking with some outstanding countryside to be seen. With lots of lovely horses, fabulous staff and not to mention the refreshments after.

Thanks Cam!!


Jen, Olivia & Steph



The “Grovely touch” …

There are a lot of firsts at Grovely… since joining last August we have experienced first class instruction, first rate ponies and facilities not to mention safety first.   Having recommended Grovely Riding Centre to Dauntsey’s School in Market Lavington, they were impressed by such a professional organisation.   Dauntsey’s Lower School Riding Club is now well established with a second Riding Club for the Senior School commencing this Autumn.   Lessons are structured, progressive and fun so look no further than Grovely Riding Centre in Wilton.


Emma Abel



A year ago I read an article in a local paper about ladies who were returning to the saddle, I decided to give it a go! 

I had not ridden for 24 years; two children, numerous duties, too much work and no time for me, my riding love that had been so strong in my 20's and early 30's had passed into distant memory territory.
I booked a half hour lesson, with some trepidation; would I remember anything;  was it like riding a bike?  I have to say I loved every minute of it.  I was thrilled to walk and trot and Cam's excellent coaching style allowed me go at my pace and build up that confidence, the Cam, can do factor.  I have not regretted a moment since I sat on Marco and ignited the bug again.
I have loved every minute of the experience.  Why? The answer to this is simple; excellent teaching from professional staff who really care about your progression and your safety. Well trained horses, great support staff and by this I mean from the ground up, encouragement comes from the trainees on the stable floor right up to Gerry and Sue.   The whole yard works for you to achieve your goal.
I have loved this journey, from the pain of those aches in muscles I forgotten I had, to now riding three times a week and the likelihood of horse ownership on my wish list for the end of this year.
If you are reading this and you are wondering if you can do it, yes you can.  Pick up that phone, better still pop down and meet the people, see the smiles and get involved.  You won't regret it.


Janet Bower



My daughter has been riding at Grovely for 8 months now.
She started when she was only 4 years old, she absolutely loves riding and has excelled.  Her regular weekly lessons are the highlight of her week. Becs (her teacher) and the girls are brilliant, it's an amazing place to ride and all the staff and instructors are lovely. There are loads of fun activities for kids to do, hacks around the land, pony club days, lots of advice and knowledge from all the staff.  Being new to the area we have made so many new friends, Saturday's wouldn't be the same without our visit there. This is a lovely school, fantastic facilities, fab ponies!!!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!
Jane Cooper

When I first started riding at Grovely it had been more than 20 years since I had been on a horse and I was terrified. 

Cam not only helped me get my confidence back but has now schooled me along to the point that I am confident and really learning how to properly and fairly ride a horse. Subsequently, Sam has got me back to jumping which has boosted my confidence and understanding.  I really can't say enough about their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to enable a rider, and create an amazing connection between horse and rider.  Not to mention they both have an excellent sense of humour which to me is critical.

Just don't forget the cake!

Kate Coffin

In relative terms, our daughter started horse riding at Grovely fairly late.

For her eighth birthday we offered her a choice between having a party or some horse riding lessons. No prizes for guessing which she chose.

We were very keen to make sure that before she started riding lessons that she was able to follow instructions and do exactly as she was told. Horse riding is considered by many to be a dangerous sport and not following instructions on an animal with a mind of its own would be extremely silly, we thought. It turns out we waited needlessly as the instructors at Grovely are extremely experienced at handling new riders and never push them to do something before they are ready and in those early stages are walked round by more experienced students until they are ready to go it alone.

Nine years later and she still rides at Grovely at least once a week. She has experienced lessons from most if not all the instructors but she found very early on that the way that Sam Stockley teaches suits her very well. All of the instructors are demonstrably extremely good, but for her, the way that Sam teaches is just perfect. As a result she now books all her lessons with Sam and it is clear that the two of them work extremely well together.

In those nine years she was won a horse riding scholarship, attended various hacks, ‘own a pony’ days, clear round clinics and pretty much all the other activities that Grovely offer. She achieved various certificates in stable management and progressive riding and has brought home countless rosettes.

Outside of Grovely she has driven carts, cared for a number of ponies and horses and even had a short stint as a stable hand at a racing stable where it’s safe to say exercising the horses at gallop was the highlight of the weekend.

All of this serves to underline that what Sam and the team at Grovely have done is nurture a lifelong passion in horse riding into practical, usable skills that she can take forward as a career or as a hobby.

There is always that one teacher. You know, the one that gets you. At school, most of us are lucky enough to have had that one teacher who we remember throughout our adult lives. They were most likely strict but fair, had a great sense of humour, understood you and somehow brought out the best in you. You were always keen to please them and if you were naughty or didn’t try your best they never humiliated you, more likely you were always left with the feeling that you had disappointed them, but you felt they knew you had it in you to do better next time and were willing you to show them what you were capable of.

For our daughter Sam is that teacher.

Each group lesson contains people younger and older, including some mature students and even a teacher from her old school. However, everyone in the group is at the same level and everyone gets equal time in the lesson. I think for many others Sam is also that one teacher too, as we see the same people every week and every week people leave the school tired but with the same great smile on their faces.

When our daughter leaves education and goes out into the work place we are certain that, wherever she ends up, she’ll still be back every weekend for lessons with Sam at Grovely.

Maybe then we can finally stop paying for that eighth birthday party.


Simon Dickenson



All the staff at Grovely are fantastic!

My eldest son began learning with Sam when he was just 6 and over the years I have seen what a talent she has for teaching – from the smallest children to the more experienced adults and teenagers. He now has lessons with Cam, who skilfully manages to get a lively group of teenagers to listen and learn but also have fun at the same time.

I've been having lessons with Cam myself for a couple of years now, after a 20+ year break from riding and he is such a great teacher for adults as well. Calm and patient, taking time to explain not just the "how" but also the "why", and he is always so cheerful, regardless of the weather and regardless of how many times he has to tell us the same thing!

Bec is obviously following in Sam’s and Cam’s footsteps – she teaches my youngest son, and her lessons are pitched at just the right level for the youngsters. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it is a joy to see how much he loves his lessons and how much progress he has made under her guidance.

All the horses and ponies at Grovely are extremely well cared for and are also well schooled, so that they know how to "look after" a novice but are also enjoyable to ride for the more experienced rider, whilst also helping those of us in-between to improve our abilities.

It would be very strange if the staff and owners of a riding school did not love horses and riding, but at Grovely it goes much further. Not only are they passionate about horses, but you can tell that they are also dedicated to ensuring their clients learn and improve but above all enjoy their riding.

I would highly recommend Grovely to anyone.

Laura Hancock