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Grovely Riding Centre
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Starter Lessons

At Grovely we offer ½ hr starter lessons for children (from the age of 4yrs old) and adults.

Tiny Tots
Our tiny tots lessons are run all year. On these lessons children are taught how to sit correctly and learn a natural seat. Once the children have learnt to stop, start and turn, and are feeling confident then we teach them how to trot!

We offer children’s ½ hr starter lessons all year. On these lessons children are taught to mount, dismount, the aids to halt, walk on and turn. We teach children to sit correctly and how to control their pony before learning how to trot.

We offer adult’s ½ hr starter lessons all year. On these lessons adults will be taught how to mount (the use of a mounting block is provided) and dismount, how to ask the horse to halt, walk on and turn left and right. Once these aids have been mastered we will teach you how to trot! During the lessons you will be taught the correct position to sit in, and learn how to control your horse.

"Lessons are structured, progressive and fun so look no further than Grovely Riding Centre in Wilton."

sam teaching a class lesson

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