Penny King Equine Sports Massage Therapist


My name is Penny King. I am a fully qualified human and equine sports massage therapist, having trained in 2003 under the world renowned Mary Bromiley.

I have ridden since I was four, my career took me away from horse care but I remained a keen rider.

In 1994 I re-established my link with the equine field having a horse on loan and this led me to gaining an NVQ in stable management.

Since 2002 after a complete change in career I have worked at Grovely Riding Centre and owned my own horse who also greatly assisted me with my massage training work, and who taught me so much in showing, jumping and dressage, plus a vast array of veterinary care!

Grovely is a large equine centre with over 80 horses. It houses a riding school, livery yard and produces and breeds warmblood sport horses. This vast regular access to horses and combined with my equine therapy work with clients of national driving and dressage horses, race horses ,gypsy trotters, Andalusians, Icelandic’s and show ponies provided me with a great variety of experiences, and  a good foundation knowledge of conformation and  the muscular impact that breed , discipline,  injury or illness  can affect.

At present I assist with the training of BHS and NVQ students at Grovely in anatomy and physiology, and recently assisted Wiltshire college students studying for their diplomas.


I am also extremely privileged to be responsible for the maintenance of Danny Dunne’s competition horses. Three of which returned recently from the prestigious Spanish sunshine tour as the top five year olds.

Understanding some of the basic functional anatomy can aid your day to day care of a horse.

Do you need any help with the equine body systems?

Would you like to know how your horse works inside?

Are you working towards NVQ, BHS exams or Diploma courses and need additional understanding or confidence with your knowledge?

Through over seventy five millions years of evolution to the present day equine I can help you understand some of the horses’ strengths and weaknesses.

I can now offer one to one or group sessions with relaxed, fun and hands on training tailored for you. visit me at

Subject’s covered;




Structure of lower leg (bones, tendons, ligaments and action)

The skeleton

Conformation (covers from the foundation of breeds, to building confidence in assessing a horse. Having hands on access to immense variety of horses is a great experience for those in training).