Own a Horse Days

At Grovely we offer Own a Horse Days on Fridays during term time throughout the year. The day normally kicks off with tea and coffee! Riding is a very social hobby, and taking part in an Own a Horse Day is great way to meet like minded people. You will have one of Grovely’s lovely horses, to treat as your own for the whole day. Catching, grooming, tacking up is all included so very hands on. We have a topic for the day ranging from, fitting different types of boots to learning about the digestive system of the horse.

After a lesson in the morning, sit down in the tackroom and enjoy one of Sue’s scrumptious lunches (people come from as far as Bath for them!). After lunch it is all action stations go again, for a perfect way to end the day by hacking in Grovely woods. On return we turn out the horses, and are greeted by Ger and Sue for coffee and biscuits. 10am - 3pm - £62 (payment with booking)

2019 Dates 

March 22nd, April 26th, May 17th, June 7th, August 16th, October 4th & November 8th


"I have loved every minute of the experience.  Why? The answer to this is simple; excellent teaching from professional staff who really care about your progression and your safety."

Own a Horse Week

At Grovely we offer adults the chance to own a Grovely horse for the week! The aim of the week is to fit in as much riding as possible and learn about horses. We plan lots of lessons and hacks including a picnic ride! Each day you are responsible for catching, feeding and grooming your horse, with a different stable management topic covered ranging from different bits to preparing the horse for travel.

Riding for a whole week is a great way to make progress in your riding, and we finish the week with a competition for you to have fun and win a Grovely rosette! Sue provides her scrumptious lunches each day, and coffee and biscuits in the afternoon. £50 Deposit with booking

2019 Dates 

Cam's Ladies - July 2nd, 3rd & 4th - £200

Own a horse week - July 9th to 12th - £275